John and Susan was a lovely and sociable couple lived at the end of a sun-drappled lane and had a teenage daughter Julie who was a great joy to her parents.


Time was passing very fast and Julie was growing faster. After completing her high school she joined college for her higher education and her parents were proud of her rapid progress.


One day she returned from college and shouting “mother” “mother” where are you. I have exciting news for you.


Susan – what is the matter with you, why are you shouting?


Julie – I got merit in my subjects and got scholarship for further studies.


Susan- that is a wonderful news Darling and I am proud of you.


Julie – Thank you mother, you are so sweet.

            Mother don’t tell father, I will tell myself as he promised to buy for

             me a new mobile if I get good grade.


Susan – I promise that I won’t tell your father.


When John returned home in the evening Julie ran and gave a big hug to her father. Poor man was shocked and surprised.


John – what is the matter with you Julie?


Julie – I got scholarship for passing my exam with flying colour.


John – that is a good surprise and I am proud of you.


Julie – do you remember that you had promise to buy me a new mobile.


John – of course Darling I remember. Tomorrow is Saturday. We will go to  

            shop and buy a mobile of your choice.


Julie – thank you father you are so nice and kind.


Months and years were passed and Julie had completed her university degree.

Being a brilliant student and with a good degree Julie got a job without any struggle.


 At an office party she met Bryan – both were attracted to each other and fell in love.


 After a brief engagement Julie got married and moved to Bryan’s flat.


Julie was very close to her mother and visited her quiet frequently.


One evening when Julie went to see her mother. Susan was in hurry and going out with full make-up and nicely dressed. Julie asked her mother – are you going out  mother she told her “yes Darling” and I am in hurry to see an old friend. Julie was shocked with that unusual behaviour of her mother.


Similar things occurred quiet frequently. Julie got suspicious and wanted to know what was happening?


One day Julie decided to spy on her mother and followed her. She took a bus to

The Mall and got out and walked to a café. A handsome man nicely dressed in his early forties was waiting impatiently. She went to him and kissed. Julie was shocked but controlled herself and went straight to her parent’s house and waited for her mother to return.


Julie was deeply hurt. It was beyond her wildest dream that her mother would do such a despicable thing to her father which was unforgivable. She was sulking and killing her time. She couldn’t think of any reason for her mother to be attracted to another man when her father cared for her and would do any thing to please her.


A few hours later she heard her mother’s foot steps.


Julie got out of lounge and confronted her mother.


Julie – had a lovely time mother and how long it is going behind my father’s back.


Susan – I don’t understand what are you talking about?


Julie – stop pretending – you know perfectly well what I am talking about because I saw you.


Susan was trembling like a leaf with tears in her eyes.


Julie – I don’t want my father to be hurt. It is your life and I have no right to

            Interfere in your life.


Susan succumbed in a chair and sobbing and tears running from her eyes. Julie left without saying anything as some thing happened beyond her imagination.



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