In the name of God, Most Gracious,

Most Merciful

A bunch of hooligans formed an organisation called Isis who have no knowledge of Islam and its teaching and defying Islamic Teaching to gain power and creating terror andf supressing innocent people of different faith to accept Islam by force. It is clearly mentioned in Qur’an

“Sura ‘Kafirun’

Say: O ye

1) That reject Faith

2) I Worship not that

which ye worship

3) Nor will ye worship

That which I worship

4) And I will not worship

That which you worship.

5) Nor will you worship

That which I worship.

6) To you be your Way

And to me mine (Sura 109).

It is clear according to this Sura that there was no force used to convert other faiths. Islam never spread by force. Comparing to West, East is less educated – oonly a handful people involve in research.

Sura CX 110 – Nasr, oe Help

In the name of God, Most Gracious,

Most Merciful.

1) When comes the Help Of God,

2) And though dost see

The people enter God’s Religion

3) Celebrate the Praises

Of thy Lord, and pray

For His Forgiveness.

For He is Oft-Returning

(In Grace and Mercy)

Moreover, white people are accepting Islam. Especially white women – no one is forcing them to convert to Islam. It is their free will.

Conflicts in any Muslim Country is ill legal and unlawful.

If you read Sura IV Nisa or The Women in verse 93

“If a man kills a Believer Intentionally, his recompense Is Hell, to abide therein (For ever) and the wrath And the curse of God Are upon him, and a dreadful penalty Is prepared for him.”

Whatever is happining in Muslim Countries is unlawful and abhoring.

O’God please guide them to the right path and forgive their sins.


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