The Family of ‘Imran’

In Sura III God has clearly warn

“O ye who believe!
Feared, and die not
Except in astate of
Islam (our whole being should be permeated with Islam; is not a
mere veneer or outward show)
And hold fast,
All together by the Rope
Which God (stretches out
For you), and be not divided
Among yourselves
And remember with gratitude
God’s favour on you
For ye were enemies
And He joined your hearts
In love, so that by His Grace,
Ye became brethern;
And ye were on the brink
Of the Pit of Fire,
And He saved youu from it.
Thus doth God make
His Signs clear to you;
That ye may be guided.”

What is happing in the Islamic World is ignorance and defying Qur’anic Laws and becoming laughing
for the world. Please God guide them to the right path. Amin


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