Haiku by M A Rasheed

I am dedicating this book to Dr Sean Elliot whose encouragement and guidance inspired me to write. I am deeply indebted to him.

An evening in November

It was bitter cold

and windy

I was waiting for bus


A lady came out

of the station

and joined the queu.


She was murmuring

“It is ridicules”

I thought to myself,

poor soul has limited vocabulary.


She asked me how

I had waited?

I was young, now I am grown old.


She laughed – a beautiful laugh

Dimples appeared in her cheeks.

I couldn’t resist but kissed her.


We became friends

and meeting now and then.


In May on her birthday

I gave her a ring.

She took and slipped it on her finger.


In August we went to Istanbul

and explored many places.

God tired and rested in precinct.


While we were sitting

A Persian cat came purring

and telling me something.


It was friendly and adorable.

We were getting late

and left that place.


The cat gave me a sad look

I felt hurt

and hummed a Persian couplet.


“What can I say, my whole body is frozen with shock.

Moreover why should I tell you about my love when

You are not my friend.” (Hafiz)


We return to London

and started nine to five routine

and life was moving on.


One day we were alighting

Someone called my name,

that was Karen.


When we boarded the tube

my friend asked who was she?

I told her that was Karen.


She lives nearby

I know her parents

They are friendly and sociable.


When we met next day

Gwen told me she was leaving London

and moving to Cambridge.


Some weeks have passed.

There was no sign of her,

rang office – no reply.


One day she came and bid goodby.

That was the end of our friendship.

Left a scar on my heart.



An Old Man

I am an old man

of ripe age

Nothing to show, nothing to hide.


She was a young widow

with three children to support.

Her life was nothing but struggle.


Two little children

sitting next to the grave.

Mourning for their brother.


She is tall, elegant and beautiful

like a palm tree on the beach.

Watching waves.


It is not far to my place.

You can walk

or glide on your heels.


A sick, disabled child

never called mother “mother”,

at his last breath he shrieked “Mother!”


The child is sleeping.

Mother is watching,

a moment to relax.


A hawk spotted a hare

It dropped like lighting,

another loss of life.


A drop of dew on a petal,

shinning brilliantly.

It reminds of her smile.


No promise, no hope and no assurance,

but I want to wait

and I am waiting.


Without you my nights aren’t empty,

there is a show.

That is always with me.


I want to wait for you

my whole life.

It is petty – life is so short.


Summer rain stopped.

Fireflies rush to the air

to dance – dance of joy.


Life is full of

misery, loneless and suffering

and it’s all over too soon.


The wild grapes

ripen one by one,

green and purple.


Red horizon

under the roof

first swallows.


Melted snow

seeing off  winter

down the river.


The night we met

beach sandals

on my chest.


The flood gate –

an empty boat

and whirlpool.


Around tiny pine tree

dandelion flowers

just cut off.


The wind is howling

through the cramped legs

of the frostbitten bird.


Darkness in the window,

the dog in the house

and stuffed goose.


A girl is crying

needles of pine

in her hair


Rain, rain, please stop,

my beloved is coming

Don’t be an obstacle.


It is lightining with thunder,

shaking everything to its root.

The world seems to be ending.


Day ended and night arrived.

Everyone thinking off tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes.


Morning snow –

the hill behind the village

became a silver world.


Weeping willow branches

reflecting on the water

of the open-air bath.


Passing the night

oh! the saddest song:

‘where are you?


The tired moon,

the passer-by reads the moon’s thought

in the stream.


Sparkle in her eyes;

if you had seen once

you would like to see again.


Sparks are flying like fireflies.

Oh! That is blacksmith

sharpening his tools.


Train heading towards its destination

and I am on it,

and I don’t know my destination.


Lights are flickering

as far as one could see

Don’t you know it is Christmas?


Birds are singing,

sun is shining

at last spring has arrived.


Sun is drowning,

night is approaching,

time for sweet dreams.


Lantern extinguished

due to gust of wind,

leaving everything in dark.


The cool breeze

find a home

on the single blade of grass.


The leaf of

unknown tree

clinging to the thorn.


A dog sleeping

on the door of an empty house,

waiting for his master.


Her talks, brief but persistent

to emulate her thoughts.

It is at the expense of others.


Fallen leaves

fall on each other

to share their sorrow.


A mouse playing hide and seek,

hungry cat jumped on it,

the game ended tragically.







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